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My love for the arts and humanities has led me to a world of discovery in search of the untold story and unsung hero. I’ve learned to express my emotions which used to be only anger and hostility towards injustice but now include respect and understanding of the other. My thoughts and ideas are illustrated through colors, images, and sounds, making my vision a part of the more accurate retelling of history.

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Uneducated & Unwelcome: The G I Bill in the Segregated South

Following the Axis surrender and the end of World War II, millions of American soldiers returned home to a United States transformed into an industrial powerhouse and major world power. President Roosevelt’s campaign promise, to treat veterans with compassion following the end of World War II, would be realized in the form of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944. This unprecedented legislation catalyzed unparalleled shifts in the American educational and economic landscape. But, hidden in one of America’s greatest political triumphs laid a catastrophic yet influential tragedy. The disparity in the opportunities available from the same GI Bill legislation, to black and white veterans has had unforeseen consequences through American history, and in many ways, facilitated the historical expansion of the racial wealth gap in America.

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